Konst i blåsväder

Andreas Siqueland

Konst i Blåsväder

Art in Bad Weather



Kungliga Konsthögskolan, Stockholm

22 April 2015

Invited by Marie-Louise Lorentzen, the head of the Artists' Materials department at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, to hold a an open lecture presentation for her students. l suggested we would do a one day crash course in outdoor painting. After giving the students an introduction to my own practice, we went outside to work. Since the art academy is situated on an island, I thought it befitting to explore the concept of painting on an island. . Each student brought their own painting materials. To represent the island, I had bought a palm tree in the local flowers shop, which was placed on a stool in the center. Around the plants were a number of easels and buckets of water. The students then found a suitable place to work, put up their canvas, took off their shoes and placed their feet in water while painting. While the students were working, Marie-Louise and I went around in lab coats acting as weather gods, changing the scene from night to day, sun to rain and thunder to snow.


Participating artists: Asa Johannson, Yvonne Engelhardt, Ivar Lövheim, Maria Lundberg, Linda Ljunggren, Gabriella Menerwa and Beatrice Orlando.

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